NOVEXIUM® Technology

NOVEXIUM® is a general technology platform for elimination of airborne volatile organic based malodors.  The unique, innovative characteristics of the Novexium technology lie in several factors:

  • the physics and efficacy of the chemical action
  • the range of malodorants the technology can effectively eliminate
  • the wide variety of form factors that NOVEXIUM® products can be produced to meet varying product application, delivery system and market requirements.

The innovation and power of the NOVEXIUM® technology lies in the chemical mechanism of action, which is based upon “Solution Phase Kinetics”.  Solution Phase Kinetics is a “disruptive” odor management technology.  This process converts a malodorous gas to a non-volatile, odorless solid, irreversibly and nearly instantaneously upon contact. Solution Phase Kinetics is a unique approach to odor control and is a proprietary aspect of SLP’s patented technology.  Conventional odor elimination technologies have traditionally relied upon masking, adsorption, absorption, disinfection or displacement. These conventional odor control technologies, while broadly used across a range of product applications, have significant limitations when compared to Solution Phase Kinetics.

NOVEXIUM® offers a higher standard of performance across the most important odor elimination performance factors including: efficacy, cost, malodorant performance range, speed of elimination, flexible form factors and ease of product integration.  Independent quantitative and qualitative testing has demonstrated that Novexium outperforms traditional odor management technologies such as activated charcoal by 40% to 90% in odor reduction.  Selected Novexium composites also have anti-microbial properties effective at reducing or eliminating airborne pathogens such as germs, bacteria and viruses from the environment.

NOVEXIUM® can be tailored to target specific classes of malodorants, product applications and delivery system requirements. Illustrative examples of the volatile organic gases that have been successfully eliminated with Novexium composites include: indoles, mercaptans, sulfides, amines, and carboxylic acid.  These volatile organic gases represent many of the undesirable odors that humans encounter in everyday living such as: flatus, feces, urine, organic decay, body odor, vomit odors, pet odors, soiled diapers, trash and waste, tobacco smoke, and cooking odors (garlic, onions, fish, grease).

The constituent chemicals used to produce Novexium are readily available and widely used in household cleaning products on the market today.  NOVEXIUM® composites can be produced in a wet powder, dry powder, gel or liquid to meet a wide range product application design requirements.

SLP has identified a variety of potential market applications spanning consumer, commercial and industrial segments. Some of these include odor and/or airborne microbial elimination for:



  • Bathroom Odors (Flatus Gas and Urine)
  • Pet Odors, Body Odor, Vomit Odor, Cooking Odor (fish, onion, garlic)
  • Baby Diapers & Adult Incontinence Diapers
  • Diaper Pails
  • Soiled Laundry & Laundry Bags
  • Trash Containers
  • Carpet, Furniture & Fabric Deodorizers
  • Refrigerators
  • Clothing & Shoes
  • HVAC Furnance Filters
  • Feminine Hygiene & Personal Care Products
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Face Masks


  • Cabin Air Filtration (Automobile, Aircraft, Buses, Trains, Trucks, RVs, Boats)
  • Odor Elimination in Commercial/Retail Environment (office, public bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes)
  • Hospital Operating Rooms
  • Medical Devices (surgical face masks, wound dressings, colostomy bags and bedpans)
  • Body bags and Dead Animal Containment
  • Livestock Containment (swine, dairy cows, horses, turkeys, chickens)


  • Petroleum Refining
  • Electronics/Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Waste Processing & Landfills
  • Paper & Pulp Manufacturing