Technology & Service Offerings

SLParkhurstCorporation  provides technology and services to an array of targeted customers including: Fortune 500 Consumer Products Manufacturers, Commercial and Industrial OEMs and Specialty OEMs.  These offerings include:

  • "Best In Class" Odor Elimination Technologies for a wide variety of product applications
  • Flexible NOVEXIUM® technology licensing and licensed manufacturing programs for OEMs
  • Bulk supply program for NOVEXIUM® composites for OEMs
  • Certified Toller Program for reliable, third party manufacturing of bulk Novexium products
  • Technical/Consulting Services for OEMs licensees:
    • Prototype development for NOVEXIUM® enhanced product applications
    • Custom NOVEXIUM® composite development
    • Delivery system integration
    • Joint Venture & Collaborative Development

SLParkhurstCorporation  strives to be the market leader by delivering unparalleled value to its customers through five key dimensions:

  • Superior Performance - NOVEXIUM® is quantitatively and qualitatively superior to traditional odor management technologies in its efficacy of true odor elimination, capability to target specific classes of malodors, and speed of (irreversible) elimination.  NOVEXIUM® products are comprised of chemical constituents safely used in a wide variety of consumer products.  Select NOVEXIUM® composites are safe for use in consumer product applications requiring direct human contact.
  • Cost - NOVEXIUM® composites are cost competitive with traditional odor management technologies on a comparative performance basis.
  • Flexible Technology Integration - NOVEXIUM®  composites can be tailored to meet specific product application requirements for targeted malodors, cost/performance objectives, usage requirements, form factor requirements and delivery system requirements.
  • Manufacturing Simplicity - NOVEXIUM® is composed of chemical compounds that are widely used in consumer market and readily available.  Manufacturing requires standardized processes.  There are no special handling requirements necessary.
  • Quality Manufacturing Process - SLP's Certified Toller Program ensures NOVEXIUM® composites are consistently manufactured according to rigorous quality requirements.