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SLParkhurstCorporation  creates and deploys technologies that enhance daily life experiences.



SLP was co-founded in early 2000 by Stephen Parkhurst, Dr. Morey Osborn, Timothy Sullivan, Bill McLellan and Mark Smith to develop a more effective solution for odor management in bathrooms.  The result of this effort was the development of the NOVEXIUM® technology platform and the airNOVUS®  Biofilter device.  The company shifted its strategy and R&D focus in 2002 when it discovered that its technological innovations in using "Solution Phase Kinetics"  for odor elimination had broad capability and significant market potential beyond the bathroom environment. This shift resulted in the development of an array of NOVEXIUM® composites for use in consumer product applications such as disposable diapers, adult incontinence, feminine hygiene personal care, air spray deodorizers, fabric deodorizers, pet deodorizers, as well as product applications in commercial and industrial markets. 

SLP is now focused on  licensing  its patented and patent pending technology and providing bulk supply of  NOVEXIUM® products to a targeted group of large manufacturers for use in multi-billion dollar global product applications that span consumer, commercial and industrial markets.   SL Parkhurst Corporation is based in Austin, Texas.


Directors and Management Team

Stephen Parkhurst, Chairman, Co-Founder, CEO/President- Mr. Parkhurst and Dr. Morey Osborn developed and patented the Novexium® technology.  He is actively involved in NOVEXIUM® research and development, the identification of new applications for the technology and in establishing the company's manufacturing and supply chain processes.  Mr. Parkhurst has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and food services industries.  He was previously the Vice President of Business Development with Human Systems Technologies, Inc., and served in the U.S. Air Force and Air Force Reserves from 1976 to 1982. 


Timothy Sullivan, Vice Chairman, Co-Founder and former CEO/President- Mr. Sullivan brings 29 years of prior experience managing technology based startups and providing strategy consulting services for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to emerging companies. He has twenty years of executive level operational experience in managing and growing emerging companies and has played a principal role in launching four successful technology startup companies. He co-founded INFUSE Corporation, a strategy development consulting firm based in Austin, Texas, serving clients ranging from emerging companies to Fortune 500 organizations in Telecom, Energy, Life Sciences, High Technology (software/internet) and Education. Mr. Sullivan has an undergraduate degree in business and physics and a Master of Science in Future Studies from the University of Houston. 


Bill McLellan, Director, Co-Founder and former CEO- Mr. McLellan attended St. Thomas College in St. Paul, Minnesota, Stanford University School of Management, and completed the Sales Management Program at Columbia University. He is a former senior executive with 3M Corporation. During his 36 years at 3M, Mr. McLellan served as Vice President and General Manager of the Orthopedic Products and Health Care Specialties Divisions, and National Sales Manager for both the Surgical Products Division and 3M Canada Health Care. He also served as Staff Vice President of 3M Austin. Mr. McLellan currently serves as a Director for Treaty Oak Bank in Austin, Texas.


Dr. Morey Osborn, Co-Founder, Vice President of Research and Development-  Dr. Osborn is responsible for research and development of SLP technology and products.  Dr. Osborn has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Texas A&M University, and over 27 years of experience in research and development within the chemical industry. He has served as a Senior Research Associate for Conoco/Dupont/Vista Chemical Company in Austin, TX.  He was also a Senior Research Associate for SACHEM, Inc, in Austin, Texas.  Dr. Osborn has thirty published articles and five patents in the areas of organic synthesis, exploratory organic photochemistry synthesis methods, statistical analysis, vinyl polymerization and surfactant chemistry.


Dr. Charlie Yao, Vice President of Business Development-  Dr. Yao currently serves in an advisory capacity as SLPC’s Vice President of Business Development and is responsible for establishing and managing relationship with strategic customers.  He is the product manager for Shell Neodolâ brand detergent alcohol and derivative products at Shell Chemical Company in Houston, Texas.  Dr. Yao is responsible for marketing, sales and business operations for the Americas region, including North, South and Latin America countries, and export to Asia market, in particular to China and Taiwan. Dr. Yao graduated in 1982 from Wuhan University in China with a BS Chemistry Degree.  He graduated in 1987 from University of Houston with a Ph.D. in Chemistry and received his MBA degree from the University of Texas in 2001. Dr. Yao was an assistant professor at University of Houston from 1987 to 1990. His tenure with Shell started in 1990 and included assignments as a research chemist in environmental chemistry, an industrial process chemist, and quality assurance manager. His academic and research career generated more than 40 industry publications and five patents.


Dr. Arthur West, Vice President of Technical Services-  Dr. West serves in an advisory capacity as SLP's Vice President of Technical Services and is responsible for managing and delivering technical services for preferred product development and joint development projects with customers.   Dr. West has twenty years of experience and was previously the Senior Technical Director at 3M Corporation where he was responsible for aligning technology development with operating divisions for the accelerated commercialization of products.  Dr. West has managed over one hundred people in 3M's global technical organization with laboratories in Japan, Singapore, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Belgium.  Dr. West holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from Texas A&M University.


Joel Kressin, Vice President of Manufacturing, Purchasing, and Supply Chain Management-  Mr. Kressin is responsible for managing SLP's supply chain including relationship with key supply partners, process manufacturing and quality assurance.  Mr. Kressin was previously with 3M Corporation for twenty years where he held a variety of operational management positions and led process improvement teams that helped to establish 3M as industry leader in manufacturing lead time reduction, on-time delivery and cost reductions.  Mr. Kressin holds an MBA from Southwest Texas University.


Former Directors and Advisors


We wish to say thank-you to those who have served in times past as a member of our Board of Directors or as an Advisor.


Mark Smith- Co-Founder, Director and Advisor

Bill Horton- Director and Advisor

Greg Caswell- Director

Rick Martin- Advisor

Dan Brustkern- Advisor

Kirk Knipp- Advisor

Ed Holcomb- Advisor